Solomon’s Throne


Suleyman- too

Suleyman-Too is a mountain in the heart of Osh city, located in Kyrgyzstan at the border with Uzbekistan.

The hill has five peaks.

There are many legends about this moutain range.

It is said to be the place where the king Solomon is buried. Other people says it is a place where the Mogul emperor Babur built a rest house.

For sure, it is still today a major pilgrimage destination.


Bel Tash is the name of this sloping rock which is over 2 meters long. Pilgrims come to pray at the rock and slide down it. Children come to play! It is said that if someone with an infirmity slides it down three times, he or she will be healed.

There are several stories of such miracles.

Tamchy Tamar cave

Tamchy Tamar is a very small cave whose guardian (picture) is here to recite Quran and pray with you. You have to crawl to get in. The water dropping from the ceiling is supposed to cure blindness and other kind of eye problems. It is also visited by couples who want to have children.

The legend says that the king Solomon asked here the Angel of Death to have time to pray one last time. When the Angel of Death came here to fetch him, he could not find him and turned into a stone. The drops of water in the cave are said to be his tears.


According to the legend, there are forty superhuman entities who live here. They are called Chilten. They cannot be seen with human eyes. Some petroglyphs and stones suggest that it was used as an habitation.



The largest and most frequented cave is known as the Eagles cave. It is now the site of a museum which exhibits petroglyphs depicting the sun and various animals.

Legend says that a devoted shoemaker of the king (and prophet for Muslims) Solomon was living in this cave.


As the site is considered as sacred, local people wants to be buried there, on the sides of the hill.