Future projects





It is a main objective for the two years to come.

Digitalization is good but paper libraries too.

We would like to publish a book which would mix our vision of the Silk Roads today along with a selection of the best pictures and memories taken during these 6 months in the field.

We would like also to help children and teenagers to easily understand our adventure and we are thinking about creating a comic book in association with an artist.


After exploring the Silk Roads, we would like to continue our documentary journey in countries known for being a melting pot. Countries such as India, Ethiopia and Israël are on top of the list.


We are in contact with producers to produce a mini-series of 4 to 5 episodes regarding cultural and religious identities along the Silk Road.

We are also thinking of creating a video channel on Vimeo and Youtube to broadcast short explanatory videos with a « Mapping the World » format.





Arts in general can be appreciated globally and are deeply interconnected with human faith.

Arts are also a way to educate and inform. Yarsan people are saying that “music is universal”. It is indeed a common language that can be understood by anyone.

After the success of our first edition of the Mosaïc festival, we would like to create more editions in Europe but also an itinerant exhibition from one caravanserai – or staging post – to another. It would enable the display and progress of the documented work to the local populations we have encountered.

We would like also to support local initiatives taken by artists and other associations to enhance mutual and intercultural dialogue.

Ideally we would like to combine art exhibitions and performances with conferences and film screenings.

A MULtimedia online encyclopedia

Soon this website will nest an online, multimedia, interactive and participative encyclopedia and database on cultural and religious identities.

This encyclopedia and database will be built on a visual approach with the audio, video and photo materials we have collected during the Silk Road initiative and the future documentary projects.

It will be freely accessible everywhere in the world, in different languages and will deliver factual and popularized information on faith and its different illustrations.

For those who are looking for a deeper knowledge, we will share links and references to books and scholar papers and other text materials.

We will let the possibility to everyone to document by itself their own religion or others’, to submit the entry in the encyclopedia and upload their materials in the database, upon pre-approval of the Scientific Council of the association.

A global and local network

We have built a network of scholars and experts and local representatives of the different traditions and religions.

We intend to create local branches of the project and collect through this network more data and multimedia materials. Associations, NGOs, Universities are more than welcome to collaborate to the project.