Armenian Church


A woman assisting to Sunday mass in Saint Mary Church. 5,000 Armenians are still living in Tabriz and Urmia.

Armenian Church is part of the official religions recognized by Iranian state

“Some people destroyed our tombs surrounding the Church of Saint Astvatsatsin on the Aras river’s edge. We saved two graves. ”

 » Mullah and Iranian state representatives are coming for the Nativity mass and important ceremonies. We cannot complain about our relationship with the authorities. The Iranian government has granted us with a certain independence. They are even contributing to the preservation of our churches. Lastly they transfer 40,000 USD to us to restore a church. »

— Bishop Krikor Chiftjian, Prelate

“Our Holy Bible is written in grabar, the Old Armenian language. Most of the faithful cannot read it and hardly understand it. That is why we preach to the congregation in Modern Armenian. ”

— Bishop Krikor Chiftjian

Details of the life of Jesus Christ in Holy Savior Cathedral in Isfahan, Iran.

The building is dedicated to the Armenians forced to resettle in Isfahan by Shah Abbas I rule.

 » As long as you do not pray the picture itself, you can pray in front of it. »

— Bishop Krikor Chiftjian

“With less and less Christians living in Iran, mixed mariages occur between Nestorians and Orthodox. Even though we are one family, it is dangerous for our traditions and liturgy.”

— Bishop Krikor Chiftjian

In Sanandaj, a Muslim woman takes care of the last Armenian church. Only two families are living in the city and attend the weekly service.